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5MP Security Cameras: All You Need to Know

Take 5 minutes here to know what a 5MP security camera is, its advantages, potential problems, and the best budget consumer-level Hikvision 5MP Turbo HD cameras!

5MP Security Camera Definition 5MP (1920p) security cameras are super high definition cameras that record class-leading 5-megapixel images with enhanced camera sensors.Typically, the 5MP CCTV camera has a high resolution of 3072*1728 or 2560*1920, depending on the camera brands and types.Every added pixel of the 5 megapixel cameras will improve the image clarity.So the 5MP security camera is ideal to be used outdoors for clear recognition of human faces and plate number, or mounted in high positions for rich details of far-away objects.

1080p (2MP) vs. 3MP vs. 4MP vs. 5MP Security Cameras

Some of you might be using the analog cameras or the 1080p ones and consider for an upgrade.

Or you may simply want a high definition camera to record things clearly and think about the trendy 5MP CCTV cameras.

Is the 5MP security camera worth your investment?

The answer is an absolute YES.

A comparison chart shows the resolution difference between 1080p, 3MP, 4MP and 5MP security cameras:

Note: The video samples you see with your own eyes may don’t show much difference between the 4MP and 5MP security cameras, yet the 5MP IP cameras will definitely have a better chance to help figure out the details when you are going to shot the distant objects like 30ft away.

What Defines a Real 5MP Camera

A real 5MP security camera should record better images in both clarity and image quality in aesthetic sense:

#1. Better Clarity

The 5MP security cameras have better clarity than the low megapixel cameras, thanks to their improved resolution. For example, the 5MP IP camera is sure to be at least twice clearer than the 2MP (1080p) ones.

#2. Better Image Quality

Not all 5MP security cameras offer 5MP quality images, and a REAL 5MP IP camera not only has better clarity, but also better color purity and balance in the aesthetic sense.

The 5MP security camera image sensor and its lens play the trick.

Some 5MP security cameras improved their resolution without upgrading the sensor and matching lens, resulting in the “rubbish resolution” as some OPs complained in the CCTV forums.

Generally speaking, the 5MP IP camera should have larger image sensor and better lens in order to produce real 5MP pictures, in both clarity and color performance.

That’s why Reolink 5MP security cameras upgraded its image sensor to 1/2.9’’ larger size and matching lens to guarantee real 5MP high quality images.

5MP Security Camera Has Flexibility in Placement

Thanks to the super clear images, 5MP security cameras fear nothing about the distance challenge for their image quality.

Some of you could mistakenly install the security cameras in high positions in order to cover a larger monitoring area. But finally end up with useless blurry view.

With 5MP security cameras, you are free to place it on high positions, like the second floor level, to have it look down on the 150ft driveway or even the whole lack areas without any worry about the blurry resolution.

5MP Security Camera Can Zoom in for Details

Higher megapixels allow you to zoom in for rich details, even under digital zoom.

Digital zoom is criticized by some as a fake function which will result in blurry images.

But 5MP security cameras can be digitally zoomed in to some extent. In fact, if you digitally zoom in a 5MP image, you will find it still clearer than the 2MP (1080p) cameras (under 2X zooming).

Are you interested in securing your home or business with a new system or just looking to upgrade some or all of your existing cameras?

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