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Homes CCTV Installations

Due to technological advances, there is now a wide range of technology and products to choose from when designing a home CCTV systems and installation.

Ensuring that you have peace of mind about the security of your own home is of utmost importance, and we understand that having a cost-effective CCTV solution can provide our customers with that peace of mind that allows them to sleep much more soundly at night or whilst away from their home.

Our experience in installing home CCTV systems means that we can work alongside you to find the best solution for your requirements.

Home CCTV Systems

We build and design a range of home CCTV systems suitable for all budgets and requirements.

For peace of mind we offer the latest CCTV systems with HD recording and advanced software for specific and multiple camera recording. Keep a watchful eye on your property 24-7 by using your smart phone or tablet via your systems application set-up.

CCTV installations can be built to suit indoor and outdoor conditions, feature obvious or covert cameras and can be networked to deliver remote or even remote mobile access.

Examples of our CCTV Systems include:

  • Basic stand-alone fixed camera CCTV systems

  • Covert CCTV systems

  • Remote CCTV systems

  • IVMS intelligent video systems

  • Wireless CCTV systems

  • IP-CCTV systems/Mobile CCTV

  • Fully integrated CCTV systems

If you are unsure about the type of installation you require, get in touch with E-fficiententworks, and we will be able to discuss each option with you and help you determine which home CCTV solution will suit your property. We will be able to supply all of the parts regardless of the system you choose as well as a 12 months warranty service.

For more information about home CCTV installations, call us today at +1 (868) 491-3535 to arrange a consultation.

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