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5 Reasons Clients Choose us for their CCTV Solutions

Before deciding on hiring a CCTV company many businesses and home owners will consider quite a few prospects and, often times, look at the big agencies.

There are two important questions to consider ; What makes a CCTV company stand out, and what are you getting for your money if you do select one of the larger companies?

Hiring a smaller company over one of the “big guys” for your CCTV needs can actually have many advantages.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to results, you can rest assured we will deliver the same great results, if not better, than a big company may. And, it will more than likely cost you less than if you went with the big guys.

What you’ll find to be different is the quality of overall experience and service we provide. Unlike most large companies, we form real partnerships with our clients, instead of just processing them to get the job done and quickly move to the next one.

When you choose to work with us – we treat you like family, just like we treat all of our clients, and provide the high quality service you deserve.


Our clients, especially those who used services from another CCTV company and had some bad experiences in the past, have told us time and time again that our same day or next business day response is one of a kind.

Yes, we make a promise and a commitment that we will respond to your email or phone call within 1-2 business days. We respect your time and value the trust you place in us so much that we do what it takes to be extra responsive.

Directness and Transparency

We are all too familiar with the common scenario of being passed from a sales person who was just pitching you to win your business to a project manager who doesn’t really know who you are or what you’re all about, because you’re just another project to them.

You don’t have to worry about that when you enter into a relationship with E-fficientnetworks – as you get to work directly with the owners of the company. When you work with us, ownership is involved in every step of the process of every single project, so we can keep you updated on all phases of the project and ensure things are done to our high standards.

Teamwork for Success

At E-fficientnetworks we are driven by much more than profits, which is why we’re not constantly looking for more and more clients. Instead, we’re looking for the right clients because we believe it’s all about creating a partnership for success.

For us to succeed means to create success for our clients – and that’s our commitment and our focus.

After you have had a meeting with us and a chance to get to know us and ask questions, we will send you a proposal (via email or WhatsApp) and give you plenty of time to review it, ask further questions, etc., before getting started. We are so dedicated to building trust and a lasting relationship from day one that we even give you access to our clients, so you can speak with them directly before making your own decision.

And from the moment you join our family – our team will embark on a professional journey of collaboration paired with progress.

Attention to Detail

We don’t cut corners, and we devote 100% of our attention and commitment to completing any project or task with quality and in a timely manner.

When you choose E-fficientnetworks, you are choosing our passion, experience, and proficiency, so you can watch us deliver value and results to your solution.

Our dedicated team, that serves clients nationwide, helps you choose the right solution and equipment, with a well thought out installation plan – leading to a more efficient and functional system for you.

But first things first – before we implement any system, we want to make sure you have access to all the information to make the right decisions for your investment.

At E-fficientnetworks, we understand the importance of your investment and trust, and our efforts are focused on delivering professionalism and quality services and products.

If you’re a potential client, we invite you to sit down with us and get to know us and what we do; you’ll get free advice, product information and more, even if you don’t select us as your CCTV company.

Check out our page and contact us to see how we can assist with your solution.

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