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Should you choose a CCTV service provider over off the shelf cameras for your business?

Thinking about buying off the shelf or importing a system?

In this article, we’d like to give you the facts on choosing the best CCTV for your business. As a service provider, we appreciate every business has different security needs. You may require a simple door entry CCTV camera or something more high tech like number plate recognition for your business. With this in mind, we felt it fair to look into cheaper off the shelf CCTV alternatives, to see if they have a place in your business.


The incredibly reasonable price and technical description are very appealing. But before hitting the purchase button you need to research camera installation. Can you do it yourself?

The comprehensive video tutorials require a little technical ability but not a lot.

So long as you have a few tools, it is likely you can set up your business CCTV cameras yourself. Brilliant! The only downside to the simplicity of this set up is, without hard-wiring the camera, a vandal could simply unplug the cable from the back of the camera which completely defeats the point.


Now let’s look for some reviews and double check those stats. Most off the shelf CCTV system says that footage is clear at night up to a staggering 20 meters. Impressive. The below footage comes from the same low-cost CCTV brand. The man behind the white podium is only standing 25 meters in daylight. The technical specs of this camera state you can clearly see up to 25 meters at night! Now I am not so sure about this off the shelf CCTV manufacturer’s claims.

Perhaps if you only require clear footage up to a few feet, or within a store, these or similar off the shelf cameras could be a good cost saving option for your business.

The other option

Now let’s talk about a CCTV service company and how this might be a better, more reliable option for your business.

One of the benefits of going to a service provider is that they’d visit your establishment, find out exactly what you want and using their expertise, advise you on the perfect camera for your business. This takes out all the guesswork and stress.


In terms of CCTV installation, a service provider will have highly skilled engineers. I am blowing our own trumpet here, but E-fficientnetworks is even better than many service providers because our team of technicians are OUR technicians. You may find other CCTV businesses hire freelance technicians and so cannot maintain the high level of customer care like we do.

The other added bonus of choosing a highly skilled CCTV service company is that if something goes awry with your camera set up, you only need to let us know and we will deal with it. We also offer maintenance packages that ensure the upkeep and reliability of your system.


If you do your research, get a few quotes and read CCTV companies review’s you can’t really go wrong with a service provider. Just make sure you go for a ‘service provider’ and not a company who will just come in, set up the cameras and you’ll never hear from them again.

So, why should you consider getting a quote from E-fficientnetworks?

  • We are an established service company

  • We value our customers and pride ourselves in high quality customer care.

  • Our camera systems are HD ( High Definition )

  • Every camera is password protected – and we always change it from factory settings!

  • CCTV now makes up Approx 40% of our business

  • Easy online viewing setup on multiple devices

  • We honor our manufacturers and installation warranty

Thanks for reading. You can reach us to schedule your free site visit or consultation at +1(868) 491-3535 or

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