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How to Choose the Right Security Solutions for Your Business Needs

Perhaps you’re a new business looking for your first security solutions, or maybe you’re an established company who has recently suffered a break in. You could even be looking to review your business security and whether you have the right option for your needs. If this is the case, it’s essential that the security measures you’ve implemented are tailored to your specific requirements as a business. Here are some factors to consider.

Size of Your Premises

It’s important to invest in a package which is ideal for the size of your premises. For example, a tiny office with few entry points may only need an alarm and a couple of CCTV cameras. However, larger organisations need to consider how many access points there are for intruders, including doors, windows and outdoor areas such as carparks. Use a security specialist who can assess your premises and identify where you require coverage, ensuring any vulnerable spots are covered. Experts should be able to deliver a package which is suitable for your company size.

Your Industry

The type of industry your business is in, can affect how you’re targeted when it comes to crime. For example, we recently looked at how retail security is of utmost importance with the latest statistics showing that shoplifting, assaults and threats have been at their highest level since 2012 in the wholesale and retail sector. The report showed that in other industries such as agriculture, forestry and fishing, while robberies had also increased, vandalism accounted for a third of incidents and had the highest repeat victimization rate. Theft and fraud were the most common crimes committed in the manufacturing industry, whereas assault and threats came top for arts, entertainment and recreation. It’s important to consider how businesses like yours are being targeted and put measures in place to help protect both your property and staff.

What or Who Needs Protecting?

Many businesses keep a lot of valuable items on site from stock to IT equipment. If your business shuts at night, you may wish to make life difficult for would-be intruders with robust alarms and CCTV camera systems. This may even be a requirement of your insurance policies or investors. However, if you’re protecting vulnerable people such as the young, elderly or those under medical care, it’s not just important to protect your assets. In these cases, investing in security solutions which help you monitor and manage who is coming in and out of your building is essential, including a robust intercom system for vetting visitors who don’t have a security pass.

Do you have specific business needs for your security?

Here at E-fficientnetworks, we tailor all of our services to your requirements, offering a range of business security solutions. We work predominantly in South and Central. If you’d like to discuss some of your specific security needs as a business and get a free, tailored quote, get in touch now.

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