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Security Weak Spots in Your Home

Despite many homeowners putting measures in to ensure their home is safe and secure, experienced burglars often know the tricks to get into a property unscathed. They do so by identifying weak spots in a home and using these to their advantage. As a homeowner, it’s important to know about these areas so that you can protect your belongings and your loved ones from harm.

If you don’t want to make life easy for intruders, here are some tips for identifying the areas of your home which may need tighter security.

Windows & Doors

A property’s windows and doors are the main access points into any home, so make sure you have robust products installed. Those who keep old fittings such as deteriorating sash windows give attempted intruders an easy task. Any entry points which don’t have high quality, multi-point locking can be opened with tools such as a crowbar. Ensuring you lock your windows and doors each night or when you’re not at home is also important to protect these areas from being broken into. You can even get smart locks for your doors which allow you to go keyless. Don’t forget that when securing your home this includes any doors at the back of your property as well as your main front door.

Homeowner Mistakes

If a burglar doesn’t have to try very hard to break into a property, they’ll take advantage of this fact. Opportunistic thieves often capitalize on mistakes made by homeowners which leave their home vulnerable. This includes keeping windows and doors open in the hot weather, despite having valuables on display while being elsewhere in the property. So, if you’ve left your iPhone on the sofa with the window wide open while you’re cooking in the kitchen, a thief can have it within seconds, leaving you none the wiser. Another mistake is storing keys near your letterbox or outside such as under a flowerpot. Even the most inexperienced of burglars will look for opportunities to easily enter your property without having to break through a window or door.

Outdoor Valuables

It’s not just the inside of your home which you need to consider. Many focus on the valuables they keep in their property, yet leave their garden, shed and garage without any security. When considering outdoor security measures for your property, think about the value of the items you keep outside such as ornaments and garden furniture, as well as those you store in your shed such as tools and gardening equipment. Weak spots often include your garden gate, shed door and garage door. Simple measures such as robust padlocks, securing items within your shed and implementing alarms and CCTV in your outdoor areas can help prevent theft. This is especially important if your garage has a connecting door to your home.

Do you have a specific business or home electronic security need? We offer a free consultation and quotation for your home needs. This means we’ll come and assess which points in your property we think could benefit from security solutions, identifying access points to put together a customized package for your needs.

Feel free to contact us here or via WhatsApp or phone call on 491-3535.


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